Warehouses and distribution centers are only as good as the employees that work there, which is why putting together a quality warehouse team is a process that must be given serious attention.

Let’s be honest: Warehouse work has a reputation for being physically demanding and repetitive.  That reputation can make it a challenge to keep the employees you hire. However, the warehouse jobs of today aren’t as mundane as they used to be. Modern warehouse employees must be able to use electronic devices to maintain order and have a working knowledge of logistics in order to facilitate the goals of their organization.

With these factors in mind, consider the following suggestions to help fill your warehouse with best-fit employees.

Prioritize employee referrals

Traditional strategies, like placing an ad in the local paper or on the internet, can produce hundreds of applications, but few will be the proper match for the position. To locate better candidates, many experts encourage using employee referrals. Referrals not only have a higher chance of succeeding, they also have benefits for the referring employee, including a sense of contributing to the organization’s success and gaining a co-worker they are familiar with.

Write good job descriptions

Of course you’re not going to staff your entire warehouse through employee referrals, which means you’re going to have to post job ads. The job descriptions in those ads should be as specific and honest as possible. Not all warehouses operate the same, so it’s crucial to describe the specific equipment your facility uses and the skills your employees need.

Also, you should be upfront about the demands of the job. Employees are going to realize any pain points associated with the job soon enough so there’s no point in avoiding them.

Invest in onboarding

Once hired, incorporate staff members with thorough onboarding, which helps new hires feel comfortable in their work environment and with their new job.

Onboarding should be more than just filling out HR forms and flipping through the employee handbook. A good onboarding program connects new hires with established employees, makes efforts to incorporate them into the social fabric of the company and even asks them for feedback.

Look for team projects

One of the most effective ways to create a sense of community among warehouse employees is to deliberately create team-based projects. Instead of simply engaging in typical warehouse operations, a system where staff members routinely work together can do wonders for team chemistry, which lowers turnover and boosts productivity.

Through group work, each individual also develops a sense of dedication to the organization and the company’s bottom line, especially if the company prizes transparency and employee recognition.

Employee recognition

One of the best ways to build a successful warehouse team is through targeted incentives or rewards. Examples of employee recognition might include bonuses for teams that minimize shipping errors or develop process improvements.

When you reward all staff members for attaining goals or meeting standards, you motivate teammates to keep each other accountable and band together during busy periods.

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