Dependability is a challenging quality to gauge when screening applicants for an open position: Nobody is going to actually let you know they are unreliable, and you have very few ways to make an objective judgment.

Also, reliability is difficult to describe. It includes a track record of showing up every day on time, meeting deadlines, taking requests for help and following through when called upon; not the sort of history that can be indicated on a resume.

Many hiring managers have found the best technique to gauge reliability is to ask the proper questions during the interview. Below are the kinds of questions you can ask to assess candidate’s reliability.

“Why do you want to work here?”

This question seems like to should produce a straightforward answer like, “more opportunity,” but it can lead to answers that are quite revealing when it comes to reliability. Lots of people apply for work simply because they are unemployed and need a regular paycheck. While folks are not necessarily unreliable, they aren’t representing passion you’re looking for, and passion typically translates to dependability. However, if a candidate seems truly fired up about working for your company, it’s more likely they can be relied on day in and day out.

“What are your long-term career goals?”

This is another question that might seem basic and straightforward, but can reveal clues about a candidate’s dependability.

If the career path they describe doesn’t appear to specifically involve your company or one like it, they probably aren’t going to be heavily invested in your business over the coming years. For instance, if they’re looking to move on to upper management and you’re interviewing for a front-line position, they’re probably not going to be very focused on the job at hand.

“What is your ideal work environment?”

The majority of today’s professionals do not have the intention of being unreliable when they start a new job. Generally, it’s an issue that seeps in as morale and job satisfaction begin to decrease.

This is why it is important to carefully consider each applicant with respect to your company culture and working conditions of the job. If these things are clearly at odds, the applicant will certainly start to lose inspiration and become less dependable over time. On the other hand, if they seem like an ideal fit, they will show up every day and go the extra mile when the situation calls for it.

“What happened the last time your personal life pulled you away from work?”

Let’s face it: Sometimes personal life gets in the way of our job or even our career. You should expect every person you hire to miss work for personal reasons at some point: It’s how this absence is handled that makes a difference from person to person.

After asking this question, pay attention to the specific details surrounding how people handled their absence from work, such as how they made up the work they missed and how they communicated their personal situation to management.

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