There are many technical skills electricians must have to be able to do their job, but to truly succeed an electrician must also have several broad-based traits and characteristics such as intellectual ability, business understanding and interpersonal skills.

These essential skills are often listed in job postings, but postings often don’t go into much detail. Below are four detailed descriptions of essential skills for any electrician.

Intellectual Ability

You need a certain amount of intellectual ability in order to become a certified electrician, but once you’ve achieved that status, that doesn’t mean the end of having to think.

Math skills are essential. You don’t have to be Albert Einstein, but you should have at least a good understanding of algebra. Those looking to brush up on their math skills should contact community colleges in their area.

Electricians should also have good reading comprehension skills in order to understand blueprints and instructions. Electricians often communicate through writing, so mastering the written word is a major key to success, particularly when it comes to writing reports.

It’s also important for an electrician to be able to think critically and problem solve. The job of an electrician often requires solving problems and analyzing deficiencies.

Business Know-How

Focusing on the core technical abilities can lead to success as an electrician, but those who truly excel know how to leverage those abilities in a business setting.

Time management is one business skill that electricians find very valuable. Companies and clients need projects to be completed on time, and they need to minimize downtime when electrical equipment breaks. The ability to manage time effectively will quickly earn recognition.

Electricians should also know how to work as part of a team to achieve a specific goal. The job often requires collaborating with other electricians and tradespeople, as well as management and business people. Later in their career, electricians take on more senior positions in these team settings, but still must be able to work with others.

An electrician should also have a certain amount of customer service ability. Whether they are doing work for an outside client or the manager of a production department, an electrician almost always has a ‘customer,’ and providing good service to that customer typically leads to career success.

Communication Abilities

In addition to being able to collaborate with others to achieve specific business goals, an electrician should also be able to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. This requires being able to actively listen to someone and clearly communicate. Electricians should also be able to coach less-experienced colleagues and take instruction from more senior colleagues.

Safety Knowledge

There are numerous federal, state, local and company safety guidelines an electrician must follow at all times. Keeping these guidelines in mind and sticking to them isn’t always easy, but it does get easier with experience.

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