Every company goes through stretches where it’s difficult to find the right kind of person to fill a vacancy, or when the applicants submitting resumes just aren’t quite right.  

The best option in these times is to consider working with a staffing agency — they have stacks of resumes and long lists of job seekers eager to get to work, whether full- or part-time, on a temporary or permanent basis.  

Here are some indications it’s time to call a staffing agency to help fill your job vacancies.  

  1. There’s no time. A busy office is a great thing. A busy company means a successful year, more revenue, the opportunity to grow and expand. But it also means hiring managers and HR reps might not have large amounts of time to dedicate to finding the right employee. Staffing agencies can help in this endeavor because their specialty is matching companies with employees. Tell them what qualifications and experience you’re looking for, describe the job that needs to be filled, and let them get to work. It’s that easy.  
  2. You’re only looking for a temporary employee. If you had an unexpected vacancy open up just as a big project is coming due, or there’s a large client need coming due, and other areas of the company are busy at the same time, you might need some extra help yesterday. The best way to get someone in quickly is to call a staffing agency and tell them exactly what you’re looking for. Staffing agencies always have candidates ready to go to work, just a phone call away, with about a day’s notice. Tell them the kind of work that has to be completed, and the recruiter will review the candidates they have available. The position might be filled within hours!  
  3. You’ve been burned with bad hires. Even the best athletes have a bad day on occasion. Hiring managers occasionally make a mistake, or sometimes candidates misrepresent themselves to get a job. Bad hires happen. Suppose you’ve had a few bad apples as of late. In that case, it might be a good idea to hand the responsibility over to someone else, someone outside the organization who can look at candidates with fresh eyes and without any preconceptions of the kind of employee your company normally hires. While your company will pay the staffing agency for their efforts, it still might save the company money in the long run — and it’ll save some time, too.  

There are plenty of other reasons to work with staffing agencies — a broader database of candidates; utilizing their expertise in matching unexpected candidates with new jobs; saving time and money in the hiring process; the ability to bring on workers for a short period of time and trying out candidates for permanent positions before making them a full-time part of your team — but for quick fixes, a staffing agency can be your company’s best option.  

At Action Group Staffing, we’ve been helping companies fill their staffing vacancies for nearly 30 years, and we’re eager to help you find great new candidates. Contact us today, and let’s get started!  

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