While a scientific background isn’t absolutely mandatory, it is a good starting point for hiring managers looking to recruit the best quality analyst technicians.

Most businesses seek quality assurance candidates with some form of college degree in a scientific field, particularly from a field related to the work that will be performed. For instance, a food manufacturer would be particularly interested in candidates with a biology, chemistry or food science degree.

The best quality assurance candidates also have some experience in adhering to government regulations, particularly in a QA capacity. Ideally, candidates with these backgrounds have stayed current with state and federal regulations by attending training sessions and reviewing the latest relevant materials

Ideal candidates should also be familiar with the company’s product. They should have a sense of what the product looks like in its optimum condition. If a candidate is not familiar with the company’s product, then they should hopefully be familiar with a comparable product from a competitor.

In the Interview

You should begin each face-to-face interview with candidates by introducing yourself and describing the open position. You should then try to put candidates at ease by asking them about their long-term career plans. Ideally, these plans should include successfully working for several years in a position like the one your company is trying to fill.

After that initial discussion, you should have candidates break down the work history on their resume, job by job and starting with the earliest job first. The chronology should help you to see how each candidate has built up their skills and experience in preparation for this position.

Candidates also tend to be more honest when discussing their first jobs. This section of the work history conversation can often reveal a candidate’s true colors.

Good QA interviews also include behavioral questions design to assess how candidates might react in certain work scenarios. Candidates should be asked to give examples of how they showed initiative, an ability to prioritize or another skill you would like someone in the position to have.

Finally, you should ask each candidate to tour around the facilities with you. Upon entering each department, explain the layout and workflow, and ask each candidate for their thoughts. The feedback each candidate gives can help you assess their familiarity with various processes. In a best-case scenario, a candidate could give you valuable and actionable information, making that person essentially an unpaid consultant.

During the tour, employees from each department should come up, introduce themselves and try to have a brief conversation with each candidate. How the candidate performs during these interactions can give you clues to their interpersonal communication skills.

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