Front-desk customer service positions are perfect for those who have great people skills, and love to communicate with others.

This position allows for both teamwork and working alone, which is great for those who enjoy variety. It can also lead to other opportunities, both within and outside the company.

What the Job Entails

A front-desk customer service position carries out clerical and administrative work, in addition to receiving the public and offering customer/client assistance.

The typical day for a front-desk employee involves answering phones and directing calls appropriately, maintaining and developing office forms, receiving non-employees, operating office machines, handling incoming and outgoing mail, distributing materials, composing correspondences, reports and memos, acting as a liaison for members of the public and maintaining office supplies.

Most employers require their front desk employees to have at least a high school diploma or a GED. Past experience in a customer-service role is almost always preferred.

Where a Front Desk Position Can Lead

Front-desk jobs are more than just positions where people with good communication skills can excel. They’re also often stepping stones to more responsibility, authority and a bigger paycheck.

By taking on big projects and handling them with expertise, you can quickly get the attention of those both inside the organization and customers or clients outside the company’s walls. In particular, when you can get someone out of a jam, they’re more likely to repay the favor later on down the line.

A front-desk job also includes a number of duties and required skills that translate well to other positions. For instance, solving problems for clients demonstrates problem-solving, communication and negotiation abilities.

Many supervisors are more than happy to work with front desk employees to develop a plan that moves them beyond their current role. A plan typically includes taking on more and more responsibility, as well as bigger and bigger projects. This situation is essentially a mentorship program where the customer-service employee is being coached toward the skills and experiences that employers find valuable.

Front-desk employees also often deal with high-level decision makers. This means that by simply doing your job and helping people out,  you are building up a valuable network you can later tap into for future leads and job prospects. For instance, if another company is looking for a sales rep, you might be able to tell them you already have relationships with managers they are looking to sell goods or services to.

In order for a front-desk employee to advance, however, they need to take an active role in developing skills. In particular, you should be looking to grow your communication and project management abilities, in addition to executing the basic demands of the job.

That might sound like a lot of work, but people are successfully leveraging customer-service positions to further their career every day.

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